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Resources - Court Drawing

One of those drawings you see when they can't take photographs in a court.

Chapter 16

I was bored.

She was going on.

I had some paper in front of me — the sheet with the audit on it that was performed twice in October 1993 that precipitated the speedy investigation two months later — the bottom third of it was completely blank.

I didn't have some Reeves or Rembrandt pastels with me but I did have a pen.

“She sat there, twiddling with her pen, talking as though she was a contestant on the famous radio program ‘Just an hour’.”

‘I’m struggling with my inadequate evidence but still being a bitch about it.’

I was certain that by then, it had become clear to all that she wanted me to commit perjury so that it would make it appear that her witness had told the truth while under oath.

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