James F Linden. The true story of the Courtaulds Cancer-Gas Scandal.



About me - James F Linden

It virtually goes without saying that James Linden is not my real name for the reason stated in the prologue.

The book is autobiographical therefore you can work out that even though in the book, I have the name Alan Rush (again, not my real name), I have the background that is in there - I am qualified as an analytical chemist and on my National Press Card, it does say 'Writer' as my job.

National Press Cards are controlled by the UK Press Card Authority via a number of gatekeepers and there is a validation procedure written on the back of them should you encounter someone with one and wish to confirm their identity as a bona fide newsgatherer.

Brief History

I was born in the early 1960s, went to school like every other kid, went through the sixth form (yes, some kid did stab me in the leg with a pencil) and my mum made food for the local Women’s Institute - read about it in the book, it is in a lot more detail there. All of these things go to form an adult and the way that they view the world - at least for the start of their adult life.

Since then, I have flitted between a scientific and an artistic existence, preferring neither over the other. However, having a scientific, analytical background makes understanding how the art works a lot easier and if anything, a better understanding makes controlling things easier whether that is cooking, painting, playing an instrument, writing, programming a computer, designing web pages or anything really.

Enough about me.

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The game was that there was no game so exposing it had become one of the goals — the more conspicuous, the greater the trophy.

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