Let the Devil Wear Black

James F Linden. The true story of the Courtaulds Cancer-Gas Scandal.


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Extract of OS directory listing showing a careless example of management computer fraudWhilst the book stands up in its own right, here are some resources that you can use to extend your curiosity or that will enhance your experience of the book by giving you a bit of in-depth information about the Cancer—Gas Scandal and the surrounding events.

So as not to spoil the experience by allowing the curious to go looking at resources that would 'give the game away,' they are arranged so that you can look at a part of the book without looking at the rest - all in the menu above.


How different it would have been if Deryck had fallen on his sword, along with the rest of the middle management of the apocalypse — a sort of management kebab but without the pineapple cubes.

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